MORFOSO 380 is a new company dedicated to bringing the latest technology and research within photonics linked to agriculture, livestock and food, to market.


MORFOSO 380 operates with light in the Ultra Violet range from 10nm - 380nm, in popular terms covering the ultra violet range of the radiometric spectrum; UV-A, UV-B and UV-C.


Current focus areas are Pigs and Poultry for Vitamin D3 via artificial sunlight and in general for elimination of bacteria of all sorts.


MORFOSO first saw the light of day in 2008 as a pioneering LED design and manufacturing company, bringing LED lighting to the hands of public consumers. MORFOSO has participated in various PSO projects as both participating company and as project lead, primarily in a design and concept role. MORFOSO has recently been reestablished as a LED lighting manufacturer and LED promotional agency under the brand "Black Smith Photonics- BSP" and with "MORFOSO 380" as an independant brand for UV light for agriculture and bacteria.


BSP and MORFOSO 380 is owned and run by B. Sc. Engineering, Jakob Munkgaard Andersen. Jakob has extensive experience with design and manufacturing of LED lighting and has previously held positions as custom design engineer with Lighting Company Louis Poulsen Lighting, Development director of the design Company Vipp, Chief Scientific Officer of the DOLL photonics green lab under DTU and most recently Jakob Munkgaard Andersen held the position as Project Director of Danish LED tech development company HeSaLight with global responsability for the Companys project portfolio along with all research activities within agriculture, horticulture and Health.